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Kaywa Reader? QR Codes?

First watch these videos:

Create your own QR Codes and/or Datamatrix Codes / Feed2Mobile

Problems getting the Kaywa Reader JAVA Version working

Try these:

  • A) Download from the mobile instead of using your PC/Mac

Most often people have problems with getting the Kaywa Reader working when they transfer the two files from their computer to their mobile. That's why we think it's best to type "http://reader.kaywa.com" into your mobile and download the Kaywa Reader this way. (In Switzerland you can also send an SMS with Mobiletag to 202 .)

  • B) Close the mobile browser first, before restarting the Kaywa Reader

Just close your mobile browser and only then start the Kaywa Reader.

  • C) I click the take a photo button, but nothing happens

There is a button just under your screen which says Snapshot. Click that button to take a photograph. You will now see that the picture is photographed and then scanned.

  • D) It still doesn't work!

Please send us a detailed email, telling us a precisely as possible where you have a problem. Hopefully we can fix it. Send mail to : reader @ kaywa.com

Questions from Users:

Problems with specific mobile phones

Version 1.21

  • Sony-Ericsson K750i

The Sony-Ericsson K750i currently only work if you change in the settings > resolution to Standard, or else one cannot scan. The settings can be changed directly in the Kaywa Reader. This bug will be fixed in the next version.